Falltide explores timeless ideas and principles from history’s greatest thinkers and doers.

“The heritage rises, and man rises in proportion as he receives it,” wrote the Durants in their Lessons of History. Civilization is not a finished thing that can be simply passed down to the next generation. Rather, it must be recreated, piece by piece, in the minds of each generation anew. The moment the work stops, there will be nothing but empty shells.

Unraveling an ancient fable about a lost traveler carrying an old woman across a river, who, upon reaching the other shore, turns into a young beauty, the 19th-century Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov explained that the river is life, and the old woman is our heritage (read my translation here). Civilization survives only as long as we pick up and carry across the river of life the heritage offered to us. The reward lies not only in keeping alive the achievements of our ancestors, but elevating your own soul to their heights.

With Falltide my goal is to build a publication that will raise and explore timeless ideas that truly matter—both ancient and modern—across a variety of disciplines, including philosophy, political theory, history, art and business, by reviewing the works and lives of history’s greatest thinkers and doers.

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My name is Dmitry Fadeyev. I am a Russian-British writer and translator based in the UK. I have translated two books: Leo Tolstoy's last major work, The Circle of Reading, which is a selection of quotations from the wisest people of history (including Tolstoy’s own thoughts) arranged to be read daily on the most important topics of life; and Selected Short Stories of Leonid Andreyev, the father of Russian expressionism. Read more on the Books page.

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